....when copy-evident paper just isn't enough

ProDocumentSolutions has introduced CopySafe+™ as the best "copy preventable" papers on the market today. The simplest way to describe CopySafe+™ is that it works on the principle of unique light reflection and absorption, which causes interference patterns to prevent your printed content information from being legibly copied. Anticopy and Safety paper isn't just copy evident anymore. It's now truly non copyable paper.





Uses for CopySafe+™

● Confidential Office Documents
● Court Transcripts
● Wills and Testaments
● Financial Documents
● Contracts
● Manuscripts
● Patents
● Software Code and Concepts
● Schematics
Anything Sensitive!


Original CopySafe Paper CopySafe Color Copy


CopySafe+™ has been developed to protect sensitive information from easily being scanned or photocopied. The technology also helps prevent the reproduction of alphanumerical characters and/or graphics such as pictures and maps. Produced on high quality 24#/60# offset stock, our stock has been tested and proven to work on almost all laser printers. In addition to the CopySafe area, the rest of the sheet is protected by our anticopy voiding background that alerts "VOID" and "UNAUTHORIZED COPY" when a copy attempt is made.