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Welcome to ProDocumentSolutions online information site. ProDocumentSolutions is a licensee of Verify First Technologies (VFT) who is recognized internationally as a world leader in product and document security technologies. They develop, patent, license, and provide security technologies for both the brand product and document industries. VFT has been issued sixteen U.S. and European patents and has numerous patents pending for other anti-fraud technologies. For more information on our technologies, click the "Technologies" link at the left.

Pro Forms, Inc. was incorporated in California in 1979 and has one class of common stock. In 2003 it changed its name to ProDocumentSolutions to more accurately represent its business philosophy.

ProDocumentSolutions Corporate Offices are located in Paso Robles, California USA.


We are a customer focused company with cornerstones of flexibility and continual improvement. Our business philosophy is that we are on a never ending road of improvement and will continue to grow through Customer First employee awareness.

ProDocumentSolutions offers a wide range of unique patented technologies that provide both covert and overt protection for product fraud or diversion protection. We work closely with Verify First Technologies to provide the very best, cost effective solutions for our customers.

ProDocumentSolutions mission is to provide cost effective security methodologies that are extremely difficult to replicate or reverse engineer but also allow for easy verification of authenticity.

We believe the best way to slow document fraud is to utilize new technologies that easily verify the document as original. Too often the untrained person accepting the document overlooks the not so obvious, covert or complex security features. We conclude that while these security features are useful, they are not always effective without layering with newer technologies. Specifically, ProDocumentSolutions & VFT have been the leaders in developing anti-fraud document security features by using the following criteria:

  • Identification of Authenticity
  • Primary technologies should allow easy verification of the original without the necessity of additional verification devices.
  • Secondary higher end technologies should be used if the document is utilized in a controlled environment in which the person accepting the document is trained to observe the technologies.
  • Reproduction Difficulty
  • The technology should be extremely difficult to replicate, defeat or reverse engineer.
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • The cost of protecting technology should not exceed the perceived risk.

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