“Security Hologram With 4th Dimension”

U.S. Patent 5,772,248

TamperSafe® is an optical variable pixel hologram with the word SAFE ghosted into it. When viewed at different angles, four distinctly different images are apparent:

  • A security icon of a lock
  • A security icon of a key
  • The word SAFE behind the key
  • The word SAFE ghosted into all the images

The fourth image is normally the word SAFE but can be customized to any word, letters or graphics that would properly fit into the hologram. In the case of a highly sensitive Vital Record the letters V & R in the upper corners would be the 4th dimension. See attached White Paper for details on comparisons between the usage of Intaglio Printing and the TamperSafe® technology.

This technology offers a very high level of security that is also laser compatible.

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Four Standard Images

Other Custom Examples