The solution to your document and security needs.

Our company was established in 1979 under the name Pro Forms, Inc. As the business grew and evolved, we changed the name to ProDocumentSolutions (Pro) in 2003 to clearly reflect our commitment to providing clients with more than just products, but solutions to their document challenges.

Operating from our headquarters in Paso Robles, California, Pro is a customer-focused company offering the full spectrum of document types for industries throughout the public and private sector. Just as important, we also provide unique patented technologies that provide both overt and covert document protection.

These protection measures are developed in partnership with our sister company, Verify First Technologies (VFT), recognized internationally as a leader in product and document security innovations. VFT develops, patents and licenses security technologies, and has been issued numerous US, European and Canadian patents for protections that have been embraced as standards in document security.

Keeping pace with the changing nature of documentation needs and the evolving sophistication of security threats requires Pro to adapt to new technologies, acquire word-class equipment and gain expertise in a variety of areas. Among these areas is the specialty of variable data printing, which has enabled Pro to become a trusted provider of direct mail products, educational materials and more.

At the heart of our business is our desire to provide clients with the documentation they need, enhanced by cost-effective security measures that are difficult to defeat but easy to authenticate. Document fraud is a serious issue, and those who perpetrate it know how to spot and defeat the easily-identifiable security features. At Pro and VFT, we specialize in security technologies that are covert, complex and not so obvious, yet easy for clients to verify documents as authentic.

Whether your document needs are straightforward or complex, in need of a few or many security measures, we invite you to contact us and get the solutions you deserve from Pro.