Security and trust beyond the document industry.

ProDocumentSolutions is part of a network of industry-leading companies that are united by proven expertise in security and a passionate belief that trust must be earned daily. Our partner businesses include:

Complete election printing services with the highest standards of security, accuracy, timeliness and trustworthiness since 1979. Certified election printer for ballots from the most respected brands, demanding sophisticated security and state-of-the-art election expertise.

Verify First Technologies – International Security Products
An international leader in the development of document security innovations, having been granted over 20 security patents throughout Europe, Canada and the US. The firm developed many of the protections that are now standard in the document industry. Specializing in consultation and implementation of security solutions for governments, universities, financial institutions and other organizations dealing with high-value documentation. VFT/ISP makes complex security protocols user-friendly and practical.