Synthetic DNA Molecular Code

U.S. Patents – 6,082,775 & 6,106,021

CodeSafe® offers unique Non-Organic “DNA” Molecular Code protection for absolute court enforceable authentication on any security document. The CodeSafe® technology can be verified immediately in the field by three methods:

Verifying CodeSafe® with a black light will cause the CodeSafe® area to fluoresce to blue.

Inspection with a specially tuned laser will cause CodeSafe® to flouresce to a red/orange color.

Inspection with a go/no go audible reader is ideal as a higher level of field verification.

For exact code identification, a spectral analysis can be accomplished in a forensic laboratory to assure document authenticity.

  1. The first tier of “field verification” is a fluorescing reaction from the CodeSafe® when targeted with a black light. More than just UV black light verification, we view this as an important tool in catching a thief. The taggant embedded in CodeSafe® has never been reverse engineered. A typical counterfeiter, when looking for covert security features will assume that the fluorescence is just a UV fluorescing patch, not realizing that it holds other forms of verification. This dual fluorescing reaction is also known as “up and down” conversion.
  2. As mentioned in the UV description, this is the second tier of field verification. This laser device is specially tuned to an exact wavelength designed to react with CodeSafe®; undeniable secure document verification is achieved with the laser’s red/orange fluorescent reaction. This wavelength is out of the normal visual spectrum of light making the beam invisible to the human eye, but will fluoresce when targeting the CodeSafe® area. Once again, due to its up and down conversion characteristics, the CodeSafe® will react by turning a different color, dependent upon which wavelength of light that targets it.
  3. The third tier of “field verification” shows an audible reader. This reader has an audible tone plus the signal of a green light (shown in picture) that signifies the authenticity of your secure document. This reader, as with the laser pen, is specially tuned to the CodeSafe® patch and will only react when it’s near a CodeSafe® area. Dependent upon the “loading” of the CodeSafe®, the reader is able to give solid verification through a substrate. Our security envelope is a good example of an application that could use CodeSafe® on the interior and be verified through the envelope without ever needing to be opened. Likewise, any document with a printed CodeSafe® seal could also be verified while still inside the sealed envelope.
1 – UV 2 – Laser 3 – Audible